"Last date of application form apply (Session-2) is 31st May 2024"

Examination Instructions

Instructions for Examination (AIPMST-Secondary)

The AIPMST (Secondary) examination board has decided to conduct the AIPMST (Secondary) Examination online (Home based)


  1. Examination login details:

Online exam link: https://scholarship.thinkexam.com/candidate/login

User id: Candidate registered mobile number is user id.

Password: Candidate application number is Password.

  1. Candidates are advised to be ready 10 minutes before the examination. The examination portal will be activated 10 minutes before but the examination will start sharply at IST 02:00 PM and end sharply at IST 05:00 PM (No extra Time will be given if you start the exam late)
  2. This is a proctor (AI Enable) based online examination.
  3. Proper check camera is working properly on the examination conduction device.
  4. Candidates are advised to ensure proper internet connectivity on a laptop or Computer or mobile phone with a camera enabled to avoid any hindrance/ discomfort during the examination.
  5. Candidates have to ensure that the position of the mobile camera or laptop camera is at a proper angle so that their face can be properly captured during the whole examination to ensure the transparency of the examination.
  6. If your camera is disabled during the examination then automatically disqualify the examination or after the examination, you will disqualify
  7. If an applicant decides to submit the examination in between and wishes to leave she/he may do so. However, once the student leaves the exam there will be no remittance.
  8. If the candidate is logged out due to any technical issue then she/he may enter the examination twice using the same User Id and password.
  9. Candidate are not allowed to use any reference material, scratch papers, and calculators, open any other tabs or browse the internet. If she/he is caught doing so then the examination will automatically end and she/he will not be able to re-enter the examination.
  10. Applicants can use pen and paper for rough work.


1. Charge the Laptop or Computer or Mobile in advance to last at least 3 hours.

2. You must ensure proper internet availability on your Laptop or Computer or Mobile.

3. You must ensure that there is proper light in the room during the exam.

4. You are not allowed to leave the test screen during the examination.

5. Do not make or receive calls on your mobile phone in which you are taking the examination.

6. You are not allowed to appear in the test from multiple devices.

7. Do not use headphones, ear buds, or any other type of listening equipment.

8. ou must not communicate with any person by any means during the examination.

9. During the exam, if it’s found that you are not in front of the camera. or if any malpractice, your result will be listed in Pending result or can also be considered invalid.

10. In case you face any problem call on Support number: 09355111307

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