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AIPMST (Secondary) Scholarship examination is one of the premier pre-medical entrance scholarship examinations conducted across India for candidates who are aspiring for scholarships in MBBS, BDS, BHMS, BAMS, and BUMS courses. It helps pre-medical students realize their dreams of pursuing education in medicine in any part of India. We at AIPMST (Secondary) help all meritorious and deserving aspirants to pursue these dream courses in various Asia’s top-notch 500+ medical public universities and colleges. Pre-medical candidates who have completed all their examinations along with NEET and have decided to get admission to one of the top-notch prestigious Government institutes across India can pursue the AIPMST (Secondary) scholarship examination to avail scholarships for financial assistance. 

AIPMST (Secondary) was established in 2016 along with AIPMST (Primary) and since then the examinations have been held every year. The main objective of AIPMST (Secondary) is to take special measures to help the students, who aspire to study medicine in MBBS, BDS, BHMS, BAMS, and BUMS courses in any part of India at an affordable price that suits their needs.

The top-notch public medical universities and colleges are too expensive and the expenses are in Crores. AIPMST (Secondary) scholarship program in collaboration with these universities and colleges assists these brilliant medical aspirants realise their dreams to pursue their education with a scholarship that waivers their four-year tuition fees or an opportunity to win a Standard laptop for their future studies. This gives financial freedom to candidates for their pursuing education in medicine, which otherwise would have been difficult without financial assistance.

AIPMST (Secondary) examination provides a platform and hand-holding support to all pre-medical aspirants who want to pursue MBBS/BDS/BAMS/BHMS/BUMS courses by granting them scholarships on qualifying for the scholarship examination with a score to pursue medical education. It is purely a merit-based examination that is conducted nationwide every year.

Though AIPMST (Secondary) is beneficial for all medical students, it is, especially, very helpful to all those deserving pre-medical candidates, who are from a weaker economic section and cannot afford education in medicine without financial assistance. The initiative behind the national-level merit scholarship scheme is to provide financial assistance to all meritorious and deserving pre-medical students to realize their "dreams of pursuing education in medicines and get employed in their dream medical practicing hospitals."

AIPMST (Secondary) scholarship examination activities are regulated by the “Scholarship and Admission Eligibility Testing Agency (SAET Agency)”.


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