Apply to get scholarship for studying in MBBS / BDS       Download Syllabus, Information brochure and Sample question set.       Last Date to Apply is 10th May, 2018.       Examination of 03-06-2018 has been postponed, will be held on 07-06-2018       AIPMST(Secondary)-2018 Result declaration.      


अखिल भारतीय प्री - मेडिकल छात्रवृत्ति परीक्षा (द्वितीयक) - 2018



AIPMST (Secondary) examination is meant for those students, who have chosen medical as their career and wish to pursue it from any MBBS and BDS Colleges. This is one of the most desired examination after Medical admission test for scholarship for studying in MBBS / BDS. AIPMST (Secondary) - 2018 is being conducted by Brainztorm Technical Excellence Pvt. Ltd, which is one of the pioneering organizations in the field of career counselling and medical education. It has brought together innovative minds from the industry and education to guide and foster brains in the field of medical education that drives the students towards a better future.

 With the aim of service in mind, it is conducting the All India Pre-Medical Scholarship Test (Secondary) – 2018, to grant scholarship to the meritorious and deserving candidates. The initiative of the national level merit scholarship scheme is to provide financial assistance to meritorious and deserving candidates, who are unable to achieve their dream institute on their own. Now, such students don't have to worry as they can feel assured of realizing their dream by participating in AIPMST (Secondary) - 2018 examination, which will help them in getting full tuition fees for studying Medical Course in any respective MBBS or BDS institutions across the country. This exam provides the students a common platform to test their expertise and at the same time it gives them a wide range to choose their area of study and learning.

BTE has collaboration with the leading Universities and Institutes all over India, which helps us in having a 360 degree view of the needs of the industry and education sector. We provide scholarship to the top rank holders. To excel professionally, you need to develop an urge to innovate an insatiable thirst for knowledge and the guts to push to the limits. We, at BTE, will help you achieve this. We also feel that each child should have an equal share in changing his or her destiny. We strongly believe that when individuals change their destiny, only then do they change the destiny of the nation. It does not matter who the person is but what matters is the will and determination to change lives. AIPMST (Secondary) gives wing to the deserving and meritorious students, who wish to fly higher and higher in the field of medical education. What we desire is that you believe in yourself and let us handle the finances for you. What we desire is that you earn the assistance so that you could write your own future.