अखिल भारतीय प्री - मेडिकल छात्रवृत्ति परीक्षा (द्वितीयक) - 2020


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  • Students will be required to give only one entrance test for all colleges, which will save time, money and will create less confusion.
  • AIPMST does not, in any way, affect admissions to NEET, nor does it interfere with state quotas and state reservation systems.
  • AIPMST is conducted by the board of all combined colleges authority. So, the exam can be considered reliable, unfair practices are sure to dwindle.
  • A single exam would relieve the burden from students of going through various entrance exams of completely different courses. One exam solely based on NCERT is a lot of burden-reliever.
  • Less exam pressure and more preparation time.

  • 100% tuition fee as scholarship up to four years to study in MBBS /BDS in Govt. colleges and up to 50% tuition fee as scholarship up to first year to study in MBBS /BDS in private colleges.
  • One exam, multiple medical colleges.
  • Equal opportunity to all students.
  • Deserving and meritorious students are greatly benefited from AIPMST Secondary.
  • AIPMST Secondary is meant for all 12th class students aspiring to pursue medical career.

Student Tips!

Time management is the most important factor for AIPMST success.

Make it a habit to plan your day before you start your study.

Refer NCERT thoroughly as your base book and previous year practice question as the exam pattern.

Focus more on self study to boost your confidence.

Take time-bound practice test series.

Be Prepared!

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